Kids' Yoga: a simple way to make children's lives healthier, happier, and more balanced

You know that your kids deserve the opportunity to move, to explore, to feel really comfortable in their environment, and to be confident within their own bodies. Yoga and mindfulness are effective tools that help children manage the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress and change as they grow to understand their world. Exposing your kids routinely to these practices is a simple way to help them live happier and healthier, increase their capacity to learn effectively, manage their emotions, regulate their own behavior, and achieve personal and academic success.

Our Method

Habitat Yoga offers a unique program combining yoga and mindfulness practices in a straightforward, intentional and developmentally appropriate way for students of all ages. Our approach incorporates 5 key elements that address the whole child, thus maximizing the academic, social and emotional development.

1. Breath - Use the power of your breath to harness your emotions, mentally reset and successfully cope with challenges or change. 

2. Movement - Discover how strong and capable your body is, as we explore the physical practice of yoga. As you develop outer strength, you will also begin to appreciate improved health, an understand of and appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, inner confidence and resilience. 

3. Attention - Focus your mind on the task at hand, increasing your capacity to pay attention and stay present.

4. Relaxation - Moving from complete physical effort to complete relaxation, give yourself the space to focus on your breath, regulate energy levels, manage over-stimulation and reduce insomnia. 

5. Connection - Mindfulness practices and emotional awareness help you to connect to yourself and your community.